At Peninsula Registered Builders we aim to keep the building process simple and easy for clients to understand.


Initial Consultation

We will arrange a meeting with Principal of Peninsula Registered Builders, Andrew Dackas to discuss your proposed building requirements. You will be asked about your project timing requirements, plans, ideas, wants and needs. At this stage, Andrew will be able to offer design advice and ascertain if you require working drawings for your project. If you have working drawings completed this will streamline your building process for quoting purposes. If you require drawings for your project we can organise this in consultation with architects, structural engineers and local designers. If your project does not require Local Council Authority approval or issue of a Building Permit, we can provide you with a quotation at this stage.


Design Approval

Once your design is completed to your satisfaction and you have provided all legal documentation, we can proceed to lodge working drawings of your project for permit approval. Customer plans will potentially require engineering, soil testing and energy rating as part of the permit process. Building Permits and all Town Planning consultation with Local Councils can be arranged if required. Upon finalisation of your design, colours and finishes, a quote for your project will be submitted for your project. Upon acceptance of our quotation, an agreed fixed price contract can be prepared. Peninsula Registered Builders uses the Master Builders Association of Victoria Domestic Building Contracts, copies of which are provided to both parties. Specifications of your project are itemised in your contract and a fixed price attained so there are no hidden costs or surprises. A deposit will be required prior to commencement of work and progress payment schedules available in your contract. You will be provided with your copy to read prior to signing.



Your project can begin construction once a Building Permit for the work has been issued. Work will be carried out in a professional manner with consideration for your needs and respect for your property. Your building project will involve inspections and approval by an independent Registered Building Surveyor. Peninsula Registered Builders promotes safe work practices and a clean working environment will be kept at all times during works.



Your contract is completed by the issue of a Final Certificate by the Building Surveyor engaged. Customer satisfaction of all work performed is paramount prior to final payment. You can now relax and enjoy your new project.